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Thanks so much for all you did to help us get our condo! We’re so proud to be your youngest clients (so far). You definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. You’ve spoiled us for all other lenders.

Mike & Jeanne

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Are you a homeowner
or an aspiring homeowner?

What if everything you thought to be true
about financing your house turned out to be wrong?

When would you want to know?

We work with homeowners and aspiring homeowners in Southern California who want to know how financing a house can affect their financial future.

While owning a house is The American Dream for many, it can turn into a nightmare. Especially if you don't understand the impact that financing a house can have on your financial future. Today, owning a house has become more associated with financial independence than ever before and owning a house can be one of your best tools for creating wealth. While a house is a place to live and work, it can be an instrument for tax deductions, asset diversification, leverage, wealth accumulation, wealth transfers, and charitable giving.

But is now a good time to buy?

With all of the negative media coverage of the housing market, many aspiring homeowners are wondering if now is a good time to buy. Since 1945, the median house price in the United States has risen by an average of 6.23% per year. While you should not expect the value of your house to increase every year, you can expect that over time, the value of your house will continue to grow. Historically, the housing market has recovered from every regional economic downturn in three to ten years.

Right now, most people are afraid to buy. Good! That's the best signal you can ever have that now may just be the best time to buy. While many will avoid the housing market, a brave few will relish it. How many times have you thought to yourself "If only I had bought back then?" How did that make you feel? Do you ever want to feel that way again? Let's give some perspective to what's happening in the current housing market by comparing it to a street fight. When you see the fighter's face covered in blood you may be thinking he is hurt worse than he really is. Then, after a splash of some water and the wipe of a towel, you see that the damage is not quite as bad as it appeared. While the housing market is a bit bloodied right now, it's very likely that the time we will look longingly on as "back then" is now!

The real deal here is that while most everyone on the news conveys the bleeding in the market with that practiced frown of worry and concern, you should remember that there are two sides to every transaction; someone that is selling on the "cheap" and someone that is buying cheap. You definitely want to be on the latter side of that transaction. Anyone comparing tech stock bubbles to housing is only demonstrating their ignorance. You can live without stocks, yet as long as you're alive, you need a place to live.

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